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Type: Garden Instruments
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Price: R 816
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'Monsun' radio controlled rain-gauge transmission of outdoor temperature and rainfall quantity (max. 30 m) with temperature tendency, indication of total rainfall quantity, of the last hour, the last 24 hours and the last rain with time and date of recording, bar graph indication and history of the last 7 days, weeks and months, rain sensor with alarm, indication of indoor temperature, max.-min. function, adjustable temperature alarm, clock and date Range: T in: -10...+50°C (+14...+122°F), T out: -50...+70°C (-58...+158°F), R: 0...9999 mm T/R-transmitter: 30.3161, 2x 1,5 V AA batteries included Main unit: wall mounting or table standing, 94 x 25 (48) x 122 (130) mm, 114 g, 3x 1,5 V AA batteries included, EK-EL
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