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Type: Knives
Stock Code: 813
Tools: -large blade -mini screwdriver -small blade -corkscrew -can opener -small screwdriver -cap lifter -screwdriver -wire stripper -reamer, punch -key ring -tweezers -toothpick -sewing eye -bitwrench -bit Hex 5 mm female for D-SUB connectors -4 mm female Hex drive for the bits -bit Philips 0 -bit Philips 1 -bit slotted 4 mm -bit Philips 2 -bit Hex 4 mm -bit Torx 8 -bit Torx 10 -bit Torx 15 -bit case -ballpoint pen -also to set DIP-Switch -pin stainless -scissors -multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier) Color: Red Translucent Length: 91 mm Width: 27 mm Height :28 mm In addition to the traditional functions, this pocket knife also includes tools for computer freaks: multi-function pliers and standardized screwdriver bits. The screwdriver bits match the screw sizes of the computer makers and can be used on both ends. The perfect tool for computer users, electronic engineers and DIY enthusiasts.
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