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T2500 Waterproof box



S3 Cases

Type: Waterproof Cases
Stock Code: 14265

This case provides great storage for boaters when used to carry phones, wallets and boat licenses. And this case has been used in some unique environments. Bio-Cooler used this model as a hard shipping case to carry vials and keep them cool in transport. The custom case was molded with a white bottom and clear see-thru lid, using two types of material – ABS and polycarbonate. Another company has used the T2500 to hold an electric motor for bilge pumps in sea kayaks.


Materials: High Impact Abs, #316 Stainless Steel Pins, Foam Lined 1/8″ 2a Volara, Nylon Cord

Inside Dimensions: 15.2cm long, 8.66cm wide, 7cm deep

Outside Dimensions: 16.4cm long, 10.4cm wide, 8.2cm deep

Weight: 0.73 lbs, 0.3 kg

Depth Rating: 24.3 meters for 30 minutes

Temperature Range: -34 C to 79.4 C

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